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This is a cassette recording of my old band NoXcuse. Several of the players had never played together before this and had never met each other. However, I did rehearse everyone individually beforehand. Each song is captured in a single take. All done in a rehearsal studio using 2 mics into a stereo cassette recorder. We didn't have anything else so we made the most of what we had at the time.Some time around the mid nineties.


  • George Coles - Guitar
  • Gene Sayer - Drums
  • Alan Kennedy - Sax
  • Dan Myles - Vocals
  • Jacob Bravenboar - Violin

The full album

Track 1 - Sweet Easy Feeling

Track 2 - Blue Moon

Track 3 - Paris Burning

Track 4 - She Can't Take It No More

Track 5 - White Flags and Blackmail

Track 6 - Adventures In Paradise

Track 7 - The Dust from Limbo

Track 8 - She Came to Byron Bay

Track 9 - Dancing in the Trance of Romance

Track 10 - She's that Girl that Dreamed Too Hard

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